Myk is a physicist who has been taking photographs since 1952. He has an interest in photography which could be described as obsessive and has spent time learning about the technical aspects of digital photography.

He has chased around the world taking pictures of wildlife and visited many of the common destinations - Africa, America, Australia, Bolivia, Borneo, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Europe, Galapagos, India, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Seychelles, Skokholm, Sri Lanka. In ‘97 he visited the Arctic Circle to photograph woodpeckers.

In 1999 he lived with an un-photographed jungle tribe in India (the Baigas) to document their lifestyle and has exhibited the results at several venues. A book about the tribe will use his pictures as documentary illustrations. A coffee table book of his tribal pictures was published in 2007.

He has had a lot of commercial work published and you can find many of his pictures on the Internet.

His pictures have been exhibited locally in both personal shows and with art groups.
In 2001 he opened his 6,500sq ft studio, the 'BAKERY' mixing his avid interest in programming computers with his photography. The BAKERY finally closed on 30th Jan 2009 suffering from pernicious council rates and poor sales.

Myk maintains a home studio, especially well equipped for pack work, and provides photo days to photograph the work of other artists.
He started programming computers in 1959 with FORTRAN and ALGOL.
These days the programming is focused on image handling and 'content management' mobile-friendly websites using PHP and MySQL.

He runs various 'net servers, and manages quite a large number of websites using his own code. If you would like a website quote look at his design page.

He has completed the project to document the paintings of Chris Dunbabin (1947-2007) and has published edition 7 of his lovely book - a few are still available at £60ea.

He has published and sells a collection of posters derived from pictures of smoke.

A recent project was to print a 100ft long photograph of date plaques in Oswestry.

Now you can find his Baiga Lecture.